Oct 09

DER-097 AC/DC SMPS – Single Output : 48V @ 450mA, 85 ~ 265VAC in

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This document is an engineering report describing a Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply utilizing TOP246P. The power supply delivers 21.7 W continuous from an input of 85 to 265 VAC. This document provides complete design information including specification, schematic, bill of material and transformer design and construction information. The document also provides performance information. Although this board is designed to satisfy safety isolation requirements, the engineering prototype …


The DER-097 circuit kit take the benefit of TOP246 TOPSwitch-GX as the core IC. Number of components + Extras for this circuit is 43 + 4. The rated current-out: 450 mA. The AC/DC SMPS – Single Output design is suitable for AC Adapters, PoE, Power Over Ethernet. This DER-097 prototype kit is made by Power Integrations. The switching frequency is 132 kHz. The expected output power: 21.7 W. The no-load input power, the circuit consumes – Not Given. The voltage out is specified as 48 V. The outputs and type are described : 1 Isolated. Considering the efficiency (at some @ condition), the evaluation protoype shows >75%, 115 VACin, 48 V @ 7.1 ~ 21.7 W, >75%, 230 VACin, 48 V @ 7.8 ~ 21.7 W, >75%, 265 VACin, 48 V @ 9.8 ~ 21.7 W, >75%, 85 VACin, 48 V @ 4.9 ~ 21.7 W, and it should be good enough. This starter design has some features: Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed), Frequency Jitter for EMI, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Soft Start, Thermal Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out. The AC voltage rating for this model is 115 V, 230 V, Universal.