Nov 02

ADP1872-0.3-EVALZ DC/DC SMPS : 1.8V @ 15A, 2.75 ~ 20V in, Buck

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This document describes the evaluation board hardware for the ADP1872/ADP1873 PWM buck controllers. The evaluation boards can be used to evaluate the ADP1872 or ADP1873 and application circuits using these ICs without requiring any additional software. The ADP1872/ADP1873 are versatile current-mode, synchronous step-down controllers that provide superior transient response, optimal stability, and current limit protection by using a constant on-time, pseudo-fixed frequency with a programmabl …


The quiescent current at maximum is specified as – Not Given, while the typical is 1.1 mA. The design of current-out is 15 A. The switching frequency is specified as 300 kHz. The default output voltage is set to 1.8 V. The maximum standby current is specified as 215 µA, while the typical is 140 µA. This ADP1872-0.3-EVALZ evaluation board take the benefit of ADP1872 as the core IC. The outputs and type are described as: 1 Non-Isolated. Regarding the efficiency (at typical @ condition), the design gives >85%, 13 Vin, 1.8 V @ 1.3 ~ 15 A, >85%, 16.5 Vin, 1.8 V @ 1.8 ~ 15 A, >90%, 5.5Vin, 1.8 V @ 0.5 ~ 15 A, and it seems pretty good. The ADP1872-0.3-EVALZ circuit kit is manufactured by Analog Devices Inc. The design employs Step Down topology. Components number + Extras for this design is 27 + 6. The experimental model has some features: Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed), Pre-Biased Startup, Short Circuit Protection, Shutdown, Enable, Standby, Soft Start, Thermal Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out, Voltage Reference. The voltage output range varies from – Fixed. The DC/DC SMPS design is good for FPGA / DSP / Processors, Networking, Servers, Set-Top Boxes, Telecom.