Nov 02

BQ24210EVM-678 Solar Battery Chargers : Solar Charger, 1 Cell,Li-Ion 800mA

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The bq24210/2 series of devices are highly integrated Li-ion linear chargers devices targeted at space-limited portable applications. The high input voltage range with input overvoltage protection supports low-cost unregulated adapters. The input voltage regulation loop with programmable input voltage regulation threshold make it suitable for charging from alternative power sources, such as solar panel or inductive charging pad. The integrated circuit (IC) has a single power output that cha …


The design is featured with: Auto Off, Cell Preconditioning, Cell Temperature Monitoring, Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed), Over Voltage Protection, Shutdown, Enable, Standby, Status Indication, Temperature Compensation, Thermal Protection. The module is suitable for Lithium Ion, Li-Ion cell type. The specification for the current-out is 800 mA. This BQ24210EVM-678 prototype kit is manufactured by Texas Instruments. The input current is rated as 800 mA. The output voltage is specified as 4.2 V. Components number plus Extras for this design is 15 + 11. This BQ24210EVM-678 experimental board take the benefit of BQ24210 as the main integrated circuit. This Solar Battery Chargers design is useful for Cellular Phone, MP3 Players, Portable Devices.