Nov 23

EVAL-ADUM3070EBZ(#1) DC/DC SMPS : 5V @ 500mA, 5V in

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The EVAL-ADuM3070EBZ demonstrates two separate applications for the ADuM3070 isolated switch regulator with integrated feedback. It has two independent power supply circuits: a double supply and a single supply. The switching frequency can be set from 200 kHz to 1000 kHz. The board supports a variety of I/O configurations and multiple transformer options. It is equipped with two ADuM3070 isolators. The ADuM30701 isolator is a regulated dc-to-dc isolated power supply controller with an inter …


This DC/DC SMPS model is suitable for . The starter circuit has many features: Over Current Protection, Soft Start, Thermal Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out. The pre-set output voltage is 5 V. About the efficiency (at typical @ condition), the experimental design gives >79% 5V in, 5V @ 100 ~ 200mA Out, >80% 5V in, 15V @ 70 ~ 110mA Out, and it would be pretty good. Outputs and type are as 1 Isolated. The EVAL-ADUM3070EBZ(#1) prototype kit utilizes ADuM3070 as the core IC. The range of voltage output covers 3.3 ~ 24 V. The switching frequency is specified as 200 kHz ~ 1 MHz, 500 kHz. The circuit uses Step Up/Down topology. The EVAL-ADUM3070EBZ(#1) circuit kit is manufactured by Analog Devices Inc. The design of output current is 500 mA. The maximum quiescent current specification is 5 mA, and the typical is 4 mA.