Nov 23

HID-USB-TO-IR-RD (#2) Other Sensing Solutions : Gesture Control via USB

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Silicon Labs’ plug and play HID USB to IR reference design demonstrates the ease of use and versatility of the CP2112 USB bridge and Si1143 proximity sensor devices. The HID USB to IR reference design responds to pre-defined touchless swipe gestures (left, right, up and down) using the Si1143 QuickSense™ proximity and ambient light sensor. The CP2112 HID USB to SMBus/I2C bridge handles the USB communication required for configuring the sensor and transferring the measured data for gesture …


The range specification is – Not Given. The HID-USB-TO-IR-RD (#2) prototype kit uses CP2112, Si1143 as the main component. The experimental model features I²C Interface, LDO Regulator(s), On-Chip, SMBus Interface. The purpose of this board is Gesture Control via USB HID. The HID-USB-TO-IR-RD (#2) experimental board is made by Silicon Labs. IR Light Reflection method is used for the sensing. The Other Sensing Solutions product is useful for . Components count and the Extras for this circuit is 28 + 0.