Nov 23

IRDC3894 DC/DC SMPS : 1.2V @ 12A, 12V in

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The IR3894 is a synchronous buck converter, providing a compact, high performance and flexible solution in a small 5mm X 6 mm Power QFN package. Key features offered by the IR3894 include internal digital soft start/soft stop, precision 0.5 V reference voltage, Power Good, thermal protection, programmable switching frequency, enable input, input under-voltage lockout for proper start-up, enhanced line/load regulation with feed forward, external frequency synchronization with smooth clocking …


The model uses Step Down topology. The standby current at maximum limit is 100 µA, while the typical is – Not Given. About the efficiency (at some @ condition), this starter protoype shows >85%, 12 Vin, 1.2 V @ 2 ~ 11.8 A, and it seems pretty good. The IRDC3894 experimental board is supplied by International Rectifier. The switching frequency design is chosen at 600 kHz. The quiescent current at maximum is specified as 18 mA, with the typical is 14 mA. This IRDC3894 evaluation board uses IR3894 as the main IC. The range of voltage output varies from 0.86 x Vin. The rated current of the output: 12 A. This DC/DC SMPS product is suitable for Point of Load (PoL), Servers, Telecom. Outputs and type are described as 1 Non-Isolated. The factory set voltage out has been set to 1.2 V. Components count plus Extras for this model is 40 + 4. This evaluation design is featured with: Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed), LDO On-Chip, Over Current Protection, Power Good Output, Pre-Biased Startup, Shutdown, Enable, Standby, Soft Start, Synchronizable, Thermal Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out, Voltage Reference.