Nov 23

LM3444-EDSNEV LED Drivers – AC / Offline : 5~13 LEDs @ 205~340mA, 115VAC

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The LM3444EDSNEV evaluation board converts 85 VAC to 135 VAC input and drives five to thirteen series connected LEDs at the currents listed in the Evaluation Board Operating Conditions section of the User Guide. This is a two-layer board using the bottom and top layer for component placement. The board is surrounded by a larger area allowing for extra test points and connectors for ease of evaluation. The actual board size is contained inside the larger outer area and can be cut out for the …


Outputs and type are : 1 Non-Isolated. The max voltage-out is specified as 45 V. Count of components plus Extras for this kit is 35 + 10. The LM3444-EDSNEV experimental board is produced by Texas Instruments. This LM3444-EDSNEV evaluation board makes use of LM3444 as the core IC. This starter model has many features: Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed), Dimming Control, Thermal Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out. The efficiency (at various @ condition), the circuit shows >85%, 85 – 130 VAC (10 series LEDs), and it should be good enough. The expected current of the output is 205 mA (13 LEDs), 260 mA (9 LEDs), 340 mA (5 LEDs). The LED Drivers – AC / Offline design is suitable for LED Commercial Lighting, LED Home Lighting, LED Street Lighting. The AC voltage requirement for this protoype is 115 V.