Nov 23

RD-128 DC/DC SMPS : 5V @ 3A; 6 ~ 42V in, 85%

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This LM25576 reference design is based on a LM25576 demonstration board which was a assembled and tested platform to evaluate the LM25576 SIMPLE SWITCHER® stepdown converter. The reference design takes a 6V-42V input and generates a regulated 5V output that can source up to 3A of current. The primary consideration for this design was to obtain the highest efficiency LM25576 design, over it’s full operating voltage input range. Cost and size of components were a secondary consideration (i …


The specification for the current-out is 3 A. This RD-128 prototype kit makes use of LM25576 as the main integrated circuit. The switching frequency is determined at 300 kHz. The evaluation circuit is featured with: Current Limit (Adj. or Fixed), Short Circuit Protection, Shutdown, Enable, Standby, Soft Start, Synchronizable, Thermal Protection. Looking at the efficiency (at typical @ condition), the starter circuit reaches >78%, 42V in, 5V @ 750 mA ~ 3 A Out, >82%, 24 Vin, 5V @ 500 mA ~ 3 A Out, >85%, 12V in, 5V @ 0.5 ~ 2.5 A, >90%, 7 Vin, 5V @ 500 mA ~ 2 A, and it seems pretty good. The maximum standby current is specified as 70 µA, and the typical value is 48 µA. The DC/DC SMPS product is applicable for Automotive, White Goods. Components count and the Extras for this circuit is 16 + 1. The pre-set voltage out is set to 5 V. The outputs and type are described as 1 Non-Isolated. The maximum quiescent current limit is 70 µA, with the typical is 48 µA. The range of out-voltage covers 1.225 ~ Vin. This RD-128 circuit kit is produced by Texas Instruments. The design implements Step Down topology.