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Nov 23

LM3444-EDSNEV LED Drivers – AC / Offline : 5~13 LEDs @ 205~340mA, 115VAC


Click On Preview Summary The LM3444EDSNEV evaluation board converts 85 VAC to 135 VAC input and drives five to thirteen series connected LEDs at the currents listed in the Evaluation Board Operating Conditions section of the User Guide. This is a two-layer board using the bottom and top layer for component placement. The board is …

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Nov 23

LM3445-208277EV LED Drivers – AC / Offline : 16 LEDs@ 220mA, 8 LEDs@ 350mA


Click On Preview Summary The demonstration board included in this shipment is capable of converting a 176VAC to 305VAC input that has been phase dimmed to drive multiple LED’s at up to 500 mA average current. The evaluation board utilizing the LM3445 will automatically adjust the LED current and light output in relation to the …

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Nov 23

STEVAL-ILL026V1 LED Drivers – AC / Offline : 3W, 350mA @ 10V Max, 110/230V


Click On Preview Summary This application note describes the functioning of the STEVAL-ILL026V1 non-isolated 3 W offline LED driver power supply designed using the VIPER22A-E low power offline SMPS primary switcher from STMicroelectronics. The circuit regulates the load current to 350 mA and generates about 10 V. The load is composed of three high-brightness (HB) …

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Nov 22

STEVAL-ILL001V1 LED Drivers – AC / Offline : Off-Line 1 ~ 8 LEDs @ 350 mA


Click On Preview Summary The STEVAL-ILL001V1 evaluation board introduces an innovative solution for driving high brightness 1 W LEDs (light emitting diodes), using the VIPer22A-E in a flyback configuration with output current control. The power supply is capable of driving a 1 to 8 LED array in the European voltage range of 185-265 VAC without …

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Nov 21

DER-345 LED Drivers – AC / Offline : 235mA @ 90V Max, 85 ~ 135VAC in


Click On Preview Summary The document describes a non-isolated, high efficiency, high power factor (PF) LED driver designed to drive a nominal LED string voltage of 85 V at 235 mA from an input voltage range of 85 VAC to 135 VAC (47 Hz – 63 Hz). The LED driver utilizes the LNK460KG from the …

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